Welcome fellow Mac users!

To download and install the Motorola V195/V195s iSync Phone Plugin:

I originally tried copying the V180 profile from the MetaClasses.plist which got me close, but I needed to change the InheritsFrom string to com.motorola.usb-bt.0x22B8/0x4902 to be able to sync via Bluetooth. This got me one step closer, but the change that fixed it for me was setting the stringEncoding to UCS2.

See also The Tao of Mac - HOWTO/Write iSync Phone Plugins for additional information.

One other helpful tip - if you have entries in your Phone book/Contacts in the V195 that shows up from the SIM Card and want to hide the SIM Card entries, you'll need to put your phone contacts into a category and tell the Phone book to only show that category.. I haven't found any other way to do it (without deleting all of my contacts from the SIM card) and wish Motorola would add this feature to the phone's preferences. Note: When you power off the phone, it resets the display to show All categories, which you'll need to change back to view your category.. a minor inconvenience.

Hopefully this will help, until Apple gets around to adding the Motorola V195 to iSync.

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